Week 10 “Web Work: A History of Internet Art” (Leon & Nimrah)

Date: April, 19, 2018
The internet has become a canvas to millions of ideas and is more alive than ever and it’s upsetting to think that prior to this Communications Lab course, I have never considered Internet art to exactly be a real art form. After reading this piece as well as other prior pieces we have read throughout this semester, I realize now that I will leaving this course with a different, fresh perspective on Internet art and well-informed of how greatly web history has evolved over time. Net art provides space for infinite amount of possibilities, interpretations, and openness, however, I cannot help but raise my concern over the current issue with net neutrality as Greene mentions, “behind the playful parody of über-corporate news filter CNN was a growing concern that the Internet would soon be colonized by mainstream media and the corporate juggernaut.” The internet was designed to be a public space for sharing and interchanging creativity and it’s worrying to see how it’s becoming more and more threatened despite its original purpose of creation.

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