Inflatables: Lab-Building a dome. Abubakar Zahid, Professor Mikesell

The website for the dimensions of gore calculator made it really convenient to make our gore. The website gave us the dimensions of the length and changing widths of the gore. Also, it gave us the number of gores we needed to make our dome. With all the given dimensions, the task we had to do was cut out the gores and then heat them using a heat sealer.

The plastic we used

Since the given calculations in the website also took into account the extra amount of plastic required to be used in sealing, unaware of this, we cut a greater length then the one mentioned in the calculations. This lead us to the slight problem of changing the dome like shape of our dome.


However, the lab was very useful in the sense that we learned the importance of cutting exact dimensions of plastics in order to make the desired shape of our inflatable and also to use the heat sealer more efficiently.

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