Recitation 10

At the recitation, I chose to participate in the workshop for Serial Communication. Nicholas explained every part of the code in blocks and then we proceeded to learn how to communicate different values between arduino and processing. Some of the things I learned were that serial write only ends in bytes and that serial.print sends the ascii value. 

We first built a circuit with a button and two potentiometers. By turning the potentiometers, we could control a ball on the screen and once the button is pressed, the colours of the ball changed randomly. As for processing to arduino, the example we used was a ‘palette’ of three colours and a white on the right. By moving the mouse up and down the ‘palette’ we could change the colour of the rgb led in the circuit. Once the white colour is pressed, the buzzer made a sound. We could easily change the sound in the code.

Overall, the recitation was a really helpful for solidifying the knowledge about how processing and arduino talk to each other. It is very helpful for the final project.

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