Week 12 Assignment

Assignment 10
In-Class exercise: From a 3D printed object, we will create a mold to make a resin toy
Post your mold and replica on the blog

I decided to make an upside down ice cream cone character for my 3D modeled and printed character/toy.







As seen above my first attempt failed in the printing process due to its shape and lack of support. I think size also played some role in the result of this test but I attempted printing again with a higher quality the second time.






I had again some quality issues due to how the model was printed and so in the future, I will keep in mind printing capabilities when deciding how to print my objects as well as the structural supports needed for them.












The mold itself of the model did not turn out the best. First of all, the shape of my object made it difficult to take out, taking large cuts from the bottom and ultimately causing future molded objects distorted. Additionally, when I did attempt to make a replica the materials used were contaminated, causing the material to bubble and leave a bizarre texture behind.

All in all, I should have put more thought into how the shape of my object would be printed and molded as well.

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