Group Project

 While all of our ideas appeared to be seemingly different, they could function as one entity that offered similar functions. I originally came in with the idea of touch sensor wrist bands to be used for yoga poses to correct a person’s form. Kai and Sara had similar ideas to each other involving dance and music. We transformed the two ideas into one, creating a wrist band that plays music.

We started by ordering Adidas wristbands to be used to conceal the arduino, and provide an aesthetic appeal to our project. This also allowed us to easily attach the project to our bodies for multi functionality such as twisting our wrists.

We connected our arduino and battery together, and programmed our code to make a sound whenever we twisted our wrist. We also had a remote control to turn on sound  While the three critical components were bulky, they allowed us to create sound.

We programmed our arduino to play different tones depending on the button we preseed with our remote control.  

In the end, our product proved to be successful while presenting to the class. If we were to take this project a step further, I would like to condense the size of the arduinos to make the project more mobile and comfortable for everyday activities. I would also like to take away the remote control aspect of the project, allowing the user to just twist their wrist as opposed to twisting, and pushing a button.

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