Arizona Final Project








For my final project, I was interested in doing something connected to a passion I have outside of school. I have been a active kick boxer for the last two years, and use it as a sport as well as a form of exercise. kickboxing. I originally thought it could be interesting to have a sensor attached to a punching bag that makes a loud noise whenever a punching glove came into contact with the sensor. I used the Makey makey idea presented in class as inspiration, and as a method of execution. This provided me with a simpler approach to making a noise through sensors using garage band and speakers from my computer. I connected the maker makey to my computer, enabling it to attach to the key board in garage band. This allowed for me to create a sound when the the punching gloves hits
the sensor. In the future, I would like to take this project further by not having wires connected to the gloves. There are types of sophisticated micro chips implanted into footballl helmets that calculate the pressure made against helmets when a ball player is tackled. It would be interesting to find something along similar lines but for boxing gloves. I think I could possibly in the future use something with blue tooth for the overall sound effect.

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