Sewing on the Circuit Board: Project 2

For my second project, I was tasked with the challenge of sewing a circuit onto a piece of felt. First, I used a a fabric ring to hold the felt together. I found this tool to be useful while sewing, making the process of stiching wires to be more stable and efficient. I first stitched on a red wire and connected it to a resister. The resister was then connected to a LED light. The small light was then connected to a small button to be used to turn on the light. This button connected to a blue wire, which then was attached to the battery. I connected all of these components together using conductive thread. While at the beginning I found the process of turning on a light with a battery to be slightly complex, translating the configuration from a breadboard to felt helped me understand just how simple the circuit really is. This made it easier for me to visualize the connections with the wires easier. In the future, I think it would be interesting to put LEDs on a jacket pocket as a embellishment using wires and small batteries.

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