Tyler Roman- Toy Design Final (Godoy)


The concept for the final project is “Uncanny”.

Design your toy using any of the techniques we have seen during the semester. You will need to define a user and create a design concept while keeping in mind that this should have an uncanny element that will help to produce a playful experience.

Give your toy a name and present it as a product. In order to do that make renders, packaging, logo, comics or any resource you think will be helpful.


So following the original idea for my final I wanted to use something unique, but still soft for the body of the Yoo Doo Doll thus I decided to use one of my favorite materials, the silicone epoxy we use for molds. Thus, using some of the modeling clay I made a body shaped mold for the silicone and then let the body begin to take shape. Once the body was completed I essentially wanted it to have movable appendages similar to a normal voodoo doll and was thinking of using 3D printed joints in order to get the desired range of motion, however carving out silicone was not as much fun or as practical as I had imagined and so I was brought back to drawing board. Eventually, continuing on with the aspect of the voodoo doll and given the extremely soft nature of the silicone body I decided to test out whether or not I could just shove needles into the doll to connect all the parts and to my delight, it worked! With that solved, I went about making the accessories for the Yoo Doo Doll.

The accessories for the Yoo Doo Doll are for now essentially a book, a weight, and a burger/sandwich with each one representing a different thing you would like the Yoo Doo Doll to make you do i.e. reading/studying, working out, or eating/cooking. I made all of them using the different colored cloth and some hot glue and overall I think they turned out quite cute.

Then it was a process of creating the container that would hold the Yoo Doo Doll. Repurposing a laser cut box, hot glue was used to seal five sides of the cube together while the top remained free to be pulled off. A soldering iron was used to burn the words “Yoo” and “Doo” alternatively into the 4 sides of the box while a black marker was used to write forboding messages such as “Run Run Run” or “Inside Warning Death”. The marker was also used to write “666” and “444” on the inside walls of the box the former number relating to the beast and the devil in western culture and the latter being a pun on the word death as 4 sounds similarly in several Asian languages. In addition, a traditional pentagram was on drawn on the bottom of the box as the pentagram is known as a protective symbol to keep the evil inside.

The final pieces of the puzzle were a soft toy skull pin cushion, that my friend Maya Williams helped me to create, which was then hot glued to the top of the box and then, finally the trusty marker came once more, marking the bottom of the inside of the box with one final “Yoo Doo Doll”.


Looking at the finished product I am immensely happy with how it turned out and the simple, cute, and yet creepy design really worked with the overall aesthetic and uniqueness of the project. Looking forward I got really good feedback about having included a silicone head by which I could nail a person’s head to tie their essence to the doll, as well as the suggestion to use needles with grips at the end as the needles I was using were rather difficult to pull out.

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