Tyler Roman- Toy Design Midterm (Godoy)


Create a soft toy for someone you know; a friend, a member of your family, a neighbor, etc

Do some research! Ask questions to your user: what does he/she like, what animal/object he/she likes, what he/she does for a living, what are his/her hobbies, etc…

Choose a category of toy accordingly, and use any technique you learned to create a soft toy for that person. The toy should have their own identity and match the user’s personality.


So I actually struggled quite a bit with the midterm. The original plan was to create crocheted hacky sacks for my best friend Silvanus. However, upon beginning to crochet with the actual string and not the large practice string I quickly discovered that my skills were not up to par. Stabbing the needle through the interwoven threads and needing to start over, missing a loop and needing to start over, and many other issues more I have lost count how many times I tried and failed to progress with my crochet. Eventually, after a lot of stress and frustration, I decided that it may be simpler to sew some cloth and created a hacky sack that way.  Eventually, I was able to get started. Initially, the idea started out with a ring concept where I would sew different colored rings together to get the layered color effect I desired. However, under more careful consideration I discovered that I could instead hot glue the layers together into two halves and then sew the two halves together to get the completed hacky sack. This would save me a lot of time sewing, for which my proficiency was barely above that of my crocheting.

Doing it this way resulted in my first prototype of a burger hacky sack. However, while sections of it did look burger-like a large portion of the hacky sack was sewn so that the layers could not be seen. Thus it was back to the drawing board, but not for too long this time as I then decided to sew the two biggest middle layers together and THEN hot glue the remaining sides once we could see the extent of the largest center layers.


Doing it this way worked wonders and before long I had three amazing hacky sacks that I am super proud of and know that Silva is without a doubt enjoying as we speak.

  • In the middle above you see the T-side of the TZ (Tanzania) hacky sack and v2.0 of the burger (much cleaner)
  • In the last photo you catch a glimpse of the Z-side of the TZ hacky sack and some of the lack rice used as filling

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