Tyler Roman- Toy Design Research Presentation (Godoy)

Group Members: Tyler Roman, Maya Wang, Killian Hauser, Maike Prewett

Link to my presentation

Link to the  group presentation

For the research project, I decided to research Transformers, autonomous transforming robots from the planet Cybertron, while also being super cool toys that I loved from my childhood. In my presentation, I related the Transformers to the Play Pyramid and using the Pyramid offered a deeper look and analysis of the popularity and social impact of Transformers. Essentially I stated that because Transformers cover many different aspects of the play pyramid, as well as combining many of the winning parts from other toys (dolls, cars, animals, etc.) under a new and unique gimmick, they created a winning formula that firmly anchored the Transformer as one of the most popular and recurring toys to this day.

In terms of the group presentation, I focused more on “Play Makes Us Human I: A Ludic Theory of Human Nature” and related to how surprising I found it that play was integral to competition and thus how play existed as one of the major cornerstones and foundation of social order. And in the end, I fully agree with my group’s conclusion on the importance of play as a fundamental part of both life and society.


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