Tyler Roman- Inflatables Lab 3 (Mikesell)

For the second lab, we made McKibben Air Muscle actuators using balloons, a syringe, plastic tubing, some net, some zip ties.

My partners for this project were Maya Williams and Matthew Couch.

To create the muscle the balloon was strung through the net tubing by slowly inching it and pulling it through. Then one end of the joined balloon and the net tube was closed off with zip ties. The other end of the opening was attached to the plastic tube and then connected to the syringe. The final step tie of the opening with the tube using yet another zip tie. Once the muscle was completed it could be tested by using the syringe to pump air into the muscle.


Once each group was finished with their muscle we all connected our muscles to this sculpture created by Professor Mikesell and took turns inflating them causing the sculpture to bend in different directions.


Video of the working sculpture. Credits to Maya Williams

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