Tyler Roman- Inflatables Lab 4 (Mikesell)

The point of this lab was to create an inflatable dome which I did along with partners Maya Wang and Matthew Couch.

The materials used were a large sheet of plastic, scissors, cardboard, tracing paper, a marker, and a handheld iron.

1Then, using http://www.domerama.com/calculators/cover-pattern/ we calculated the dimensions for the gores and created a template using the cardboard. The Template was then used to create 8 corresponding gores that would be used to make the dome.



Once the side gores were completed and the resulting dome was flipped inside out we then made a base for the dome, using two pencils and a ruler to trace a circle onto another sheet of plastic. The base was then ironed onto the gores while a small opening was left for inflation. Finally, we took some leftover plastic and fashioned an inflation straw. Once the straw was done it was secured to the dome with tape since the awkward shape was not conducive to heat sealing. The dome blew up well even though the end shape vaguely resembled a soup dumping or perhaps a breast.




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