Kinetic Interfaces – Tilt Brush (Andrew Huang)

One particular product that has stuck out to me over the years is VR. One clear example of this is the Tilt Brush, demo’d in this Google Ad.

The technologies behind this are mainly the occulus rift/ htc vive. Even though this particular application is nothing groundbreaking now that it has been out for several years, the potential for VR/AR is still massive I think. The concept of the 3d brush is very useful because it allows artists to leverage one additional dimension, whereas previously, artists were constrained to 2 dimensional canvases. I believe the future of human / device interaction will become more and more closely integrated, with the device being less of using something and more of an extention of one’s body. One possible feature that VR hasnt done is possible user feedback, such as vibration / haptic feedback or other responses to the user to let them know changes to their environment. I think this really brings about the concept of ZeroUI, and as we already see Google home/ and Amazon Echo become more seamlessly connected to benefit our lives, we will definitely see these technologies pop up more in the future. I hope to make a project in kinetic interfaces that will give users a fine and seamless control over what they’re doing.

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