Week 2: Response to Scott McCloud – Evan Bird (Syed)

In “Understanding Comics,” Scott McCloud takes the idea of a comic much more seriously than the average writer. By examining the sense of self one perceives by reading comics, McCloud begins to determine the purpose of relating images with words rather than treating them as separate mediums. He argues that the medium is not the message, because comics are just as capable of art as any other medium. 

Additionally, McCloud discusses the topic of closure. However, when we see something we know what it is not because  we compare it to an image we have of what something is supposed to look like, but because of our past experiences. McCloud’s claim is correct. Just like how each of his friends agreed about experiencing the feeling that their life was the only real one and everyone else was putting on a show (like The Truman Show) it would be impossible for everyone to share the same true image of something because of everyone’s own experience as the center of their own world. Thus, we need an almost-blank symbolic slate to project our selves onto in comics. Although, in the chapters, McCloud is only a cartoon figure and the reader does not initially “wonder what [his] politics are,” his implied worldview is one I agree with.

Link to CSS exercise: http://imanas.shanghai.nyu.edu/~edb394/commlab/css-r01-float_n_flex/

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