Week 2: Response to Understanding Comics-Zhao Yang (Syed)

After reading Scott McCloud’s article “Understanding Comics”, I realize something that I never noticed before. Through my experience, I really loved reading comics book and watching some comics videos when I was a child. But I don’t know why the comics could attract me by some simple pictures. In chapter 2, it states the comics are using a simple way to present the sense of belonging. The comic artists use the simple characters to make readers more engaged in the story. There is a concept called closure. It shows that the ability to imagine the whole story by reading some single pictures. And the use of gutter is to make the closure. Those are some technics of comics. And the most interesting is that McCloud conveys those concepts and the use of the technics of comics by comic itself. On the one hand, we can have a better understanding of comics. On the other hand, he states we should notice the importance to see the comic itself but not its contents of comics.

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