Digital Fabrication Week 1 Assignment – Ji Hwan Shin

For the first week we learned how to create 2D illustrations on Adobe Illustrator. We were to fabricate the 2D designs using the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and embroidery machines. I chose to work with the laser cutter and embroidery machines to create memorabilia for someone special. Exporting my illustration to an svg file, I followed the steps we learned in class to utilize each of these machines.

  1. Laser Cutter

For the laser cutter, I was able to get the help of Jing Yi, who told me that in order to get the desired effects of my illustration, I should group each part of my illustration into layers. This was to make sure that the areas I want engraved and the areas I want to leave untouched can be separated. I outlined my hexagon with the stroke 0.1 to cut out the shape and made the areas I wanted etched out red so the machine could recognize them. Overall, I was satisfied with the result even though the grooves weren’t deep enough to be used as a stamp.


2. Embroidery Machine

For the embroidery machine, I had more difficulty because of the way my design was structured. I didn’t group the shapes and convert them to lines so the machine just assumed I wanted the shapes to overlap. The end result was the stitches getting caught together and somehow the bottom stitches came up. Next time, I would definitely make sure that my shapes are nicely grouped together and merged so that the machine can properly outline the stitches.


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