3D Modeling Using Rhino Assignment – Ji Hwan Shin

For my 3D modeling challenge, I decided to try to design some sneakers. Watching this helpful tutorial online(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ZzSmjK0R8), I was able to learn how to use some functions we haven’t used in class. I started out by sketching out the outline of my sneakers which I then extruded.

To get equal shapes on each of the bottom surfaces, I projected the curve. Then, I trimmed the unwanted parts out, connected the surfaces using two curves, and the sweep2 function to cover the area with material.

For the top part, I again sketched out the design with curves and conjoined the area to put my foot in with an ellipse. To cover it all up, I used the network surface function which completed the model. The challenge for sure was getting the sketches symmetrical and having to match up point by point was excruciating. Because of a few points that were not exactly parallel, My surface area became rugged and incomplete. But I was pleased to become more comfortable with using Rhino and hope to improve on future attempts.

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