Research Project (Group)-Winny Wang

Research Project (Group)

Date: September 28 Sep 2018

Documented by: Winny Wang

Instructor: Marcela Godoy


  1. Definition of “interaction”

For me, “interaction” is a simultaneous process between more than one people or subjects that offer information, exchange and get feedback, with a meaningful output.

  1. Two projects
  • The project that I like is Encounter–Suspiciously curious robotics

Encounteris a robotic arm with a mirror that “curiously” observed its surroundings. It can act like a living creature when a human approaches, namely “focuses on the person”, “point the mirror to their head”, “fearfully retracts”, “follows curiously”. The interaction between the human and the robotics is no longer simple communication by movements, it is mental. People can treat this robotics as alive and this affects the way they interact with the robotics. And through this uncanny interaction, people will think of deep questions about the border between robotics and human.


  • The project that I dislike isJack Torrance Trip – Moon Landing, Truth? Lies?

This project is said to be “an interactive storytelling experiences on Instagram, tells his story”. However, I think this whole storytelling is not as interactive as it can be. Simply posting or communicating on Instagram is not going make the mutual information exchange. The one who inputs on Instagram cannot receive information back.

  1. Our project



Group members: Ethan, Kaley, Anna, Mariya, Winny

  1. Describe and explain the idea for the interactive device 

Our project is named “Transwatch”. It has an advanced translator in it, which can be used anywhere anytime, directly translate the information needed to the person he or she is using it.

Our group agrees that even in 100years later, language is still a big problem for people. As the development of translators, the languages are also developing. People in the future still need a convenient and advanced translator when they meet problems in daily life. So we think a tiny translator which can solve language problems immediately when people need translation.

So we developed “Transwatch”, a watch with a translator inside. In our presentation, we demonstrated the use of it in our daily life, the usual language problems which we might meet now and then. With further technology, the tiny translator could be applied into different objects other than a watch—headphones, buttons on a shirt, etc.

The best part of “Transwatch” is that it is equipped to be most effective in interaction with people. It responds fast, accurate and effective. And it is very simple to use. In 100 years from now, people need devices they can use in simplest way which increase the effectiveness, meeting the need of fast speed life. So I think this device will have a great interaction with people who need it.


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  1. Hi Winny, It would have been good to reference the readings to validate your definition of interaction, where it came from? Same for the group idea idea, what did you guys discuss about interaction? how the readings influenced this discussion? How the project you found helped you to come up with that definition of interaction?

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