IMD – Assignment 1

Interactive Motion Design: Assignment 1

What is interactive motion design?

When I think of motion design, the first characteristic which comes to my mind is something that is visually stimulating. Nowadays, it is very hard to make something that stands out from the rest of the media pieces, because everything has become visually stimulating to some extent. But I strongly think motion design should at least be interesting to watch to some extent. In addition, when talking about motion, motion design clearly needs to have an order of frames or pictures so that it seems as though the figures in screen are animated and in action. Furthermore, interactive motion design means that there is a cause-effect relation between the user and the work. When the user makes an action, the work reacts to this and triggers a function. Including motion design to user interaction makes the piece more engaging and easy to use. And lastly, I think motion design should also provoke an emotional reaction to some extent, but it is not required.


Dynamic Grid

For the dynamic grid exercise, I wanted to experiment with 2.5D motion, so I decided to make a bird flying sequence by using images and animating them. In order to do this, I first selected some images that I had previously taken and adjusted them in Photoshop. I then used After Effects to translate the position of the bird images so that it looks like they are flying and forming a grid with their flying path. I also created a camera object and placed it in a 3D space to make it look more realistic. Here is the result:



I was not very satisfied with this, so I tried to think about other ways to represent a grid system and I thought of perspective. I then realized we had learned about false perspective in class and thought it was a good idea to add this in. In this next piece, I placed the background in a 3D space as if the center of perspective was in the middle of the working board, and I used only one image of a bird to animate its position and make it seem like it is flying in different depths.



But again, I wanted to create a sense of false perspective while creating grids. Thus, instead of having three images to create the dimensional background, I just used one of them while still having the bird fly in the same position.



But I was still not very satisfied with the result, so I decided to use Processing instead. In this piece, I used the dynamic grid system as a way to play with the visibility of shapes.


False Perspective

The first time I made this exercise, although I followed every step we learnt in class, my motion tracking was very shaky, so I redid it and fixed the issue. All I had to do was make the motion tracking box bigger so that it would track a greater amount of pixels and have a more accurate tracking. Below you can see the original piece and the fixed one:

Open-Option Piece

For the open-option piece I decided to use Processing because I was having some issues with After Effects and I simply did not know ho to use it for what I wanted to make. So this piece is a bunch of lines forming a circle which are still on one end and in motion in the other end.


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