Group Research Project (Marcela)

Group research project


Echo Chi

Group member: Brett Bian, Stanley and Jake

In my opinion, interaction is complex to explain. First, interaction needs communication, maybe not only between person and person but also between persons and projects. The interaction between one person and the other is easier to understand because a person should react to or reply to the other’s words. The interaction between persons and projects or objects is harder to explain because not the simple reaction of the objects to the humans can be called interaction. For example, a human inputs an order to an object and a light of the object is turned on and in my opinion, this cannot be classified as interaction. The interaction between objects and humans needs the object to “talk”, not only following the orders but also telling humans something.

Among all the interactive projects, my favorite one is the “HeadLight”, which is “a system that allows humans to experience the perceptual world of nonhuman species through personal projection mapping”. It contains a laser source small project with a wide conversion lens, headphone and a pose tracker. “In the system, the three-dimensional virtual space that is consistent with the physical is rendered with a virtual camera based on tracking information of the device”. To be simple, its reaction to the three-dimensional world can be called interaction.

The one I don’t like most is the drawing tool. The reason why I don’t like it is not that the creative idea is not excellent but because I don’t think it can be called an interaction project. It only uses a camera to turn the real things into painting, which is similar to a camera but not an interactive object.

Let’s turn to our group’s design, the food delivery drone. When we first read the instruction of this project which should be used in 2118, the drone came into our mind. However, although drone maybe popular in 2118, drones are not strange in many aspects. So how to build a drone which is special and advanced which can also show the interaction is really a tough task for us to think over. Since we always call food delivery on our mobile phone, we hope our drone can be related to the food delivery. A food delivery drone came into our mind, but I noticed that this kind of drones have been a reality in some provinces in China and also a drone which only can deliver the food cannot be classified as an interactive project. So we added some functions into this drone which the user must show it the QR code to take off their food and the seller can set the routine on the drone. However, it still cannot show the interaction. We finally thought if the drone can scan and weight the food in it and show this data and make a unique health diet and advice to the customers, it is becoming an interactive project.

During the building, we use cupboards to build the drone body, which is similar to the current drones but in the bottom, there’s a box which can carry food and a screen on it. It is not hard for us to build the model after the designing.

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  1. Hi Echo, great comments on interaction. It would be good to have a reference on the readings to validate your definition though. Same with the group idea idea, how the readings influenced this discussion? How the projects you found helped you to come up with that definition of interaction?

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