Digital Fabrication: Final Project, Olesia Ermilova, UPDATED PROCESS AND THE RESULT

Project Title: The Revolutionary iPhone Case.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: For a long time, a lot of my friends’ from NYUSH have been fans of a cool sticker-like cardholder that was distrubuted by Student Life. People have been dying to get one because it is so convenient and easy to use. Hence, I had an idea of creating a phone case that already has a cardholder attached to it. This way, the cardholder part will never fall down or detach from the case. Moreover, since the materials I am going to use are going be super flexible, the case will not only provide room for your card but also protect the phone from damage.


To be honest, I wasn’t particularly inspired by anyone or anything, I just got an idea out of thin air. I’ve always had the cardholder and a couple of time I would lose the cards because they would just slip away. So, I thought why not create my own case that would address this issue and make it easier to carry around.

There is a ton of iPhone cases being 3D modeled every minute out there. I want to use some of techniques I’ve found on SketchFab to create my own. Here is a couple of works I like: 







  1. People will have a better phone case that can be used both for damage prevention and card holding.
  2. Convenience is a significant factor.
  3. Your card will not slip away.
  4. You will not lose the cardholder itself because it’s going to be one piece.
  5. The design is flexible and can be updated to facilitate different people’s tastes.
  6. There is been a lot of similar phone cases that have the same features but most of them were flawed in a serious way, so it would be nice to attempt and fix that.


  • Blender, Rhino.
  • Cura.
  • LulzBot Mini.
  • Vinyl Cutter for the sticker on top


Resin, silicon. Anything that is flexible enough.

I want to first 3D model it in Blender or Rhino, then print it multiple times to find a better scale. Later on, I will design a sticker that will be used on the side of the case.

I’ve already started working on the 3D modeling part. So far so good, it’s going pretty smoothly and easily.



The initial stage of 3D modeling went pretty well despite being a bit lengthy. It took me a long time to make a case that would actually be suitable for using. The second stage would be actually to start printing it. As far as I am concerned, everything that could go wrong actually did go wrong. First, I wanted to use the Minibot machine to print the model in the flexible material but the size fo the model was too big, so I had to switch to Taz. I tried printing it 5 times using silicon but every time it failed. Then, Nick suggested I try printing the case using plastic. I started working on that, again, using Taz. It took 5 attempts to print even using plastic!! I honestly do not know why everytime something went wrong. I asked professor regarding my possible mistakes but none were defined. I guess it’s just a problem with the machines, or maybe I’m cursed. Whatever it is, as of now, I have a wholesome iPhone case that fits my iPhone but it doesn’t have the caseholder part yet. It is really unfortunate as I really wanted to have it done by now. But I guess life isn’t a wish-granting factory. On the bright side, I learnt how to use all machines which is a big plus!! Now I know all the settings, modes, and details that are involved in the process of 3D printing. Hence, the fact that I didn’t fully accomplish the goal is ok because the ULTIMATE goal is learning and I did learn a lot. Plus, I used the vinyl cutter to decorate the case. I cut the phrase “love yourself” and put it on the back of my case.

I am really grateful that I had an opportunity to work with each machine and get to fail so many times. As my professor once said, “failures are more important than your accomplishments”. I love 3D printing and really hope I can find a way to print my case using silicon including the case holder feature.








I have a pink case that fits my phone and a sticker on top of it. I really want to change it a bit and make it more flexible as well as incorporate the card holder feature.

Thanks to Marcela for help and faith in me! I am happy that I have once again practiced my 3D modeling skills that let me create something as complex as an iPhone case.

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