Week5: drawing machines, Yumo Yao( Leon)

Circuit: Drawing Machines


·     Arduino or Genuino board: an electrical coupler to do the output of the code.

·     hook-up wires: for connecting the circuit.

·     Breadboard: for placing all the materials.

·     42STH33-0404AC stepper motor: to rotate with the control of the Arduino.

·     SN754410NE ic chip: a plastic packaging piece where all the integrated circuits are contained.

·     power jack: to connect to the power.

·     12 VDC power supply: to provide power for the circuit.

·     2 * Laser-cut short arms

·     2 * Laser-cut long arms

·     1* Laser-cut motor holder

·     2 * 3D printed motor coupling

·     5 * Paper Fasteners

·     1 * Pen that fits the laser-cut mechanisms

·     Paper


It is easy to connect the circuit with the instruction of the picture posted onto the website. The only thing that need to be noticed is the connection of potentiometer. There are 3 pins within the potentiometer, and 2 pins on the side should connect to the power and ground respectively, while the other one connected to the analog. When we find that the ground pins or the power pins are not enough, don’t forget to connect them with the breadboard, so that we can get a row of pins. There is a certain delay when we use the potentiometer, that the direction of the rotation cannot change immediately when we rotate the potentiometer. Also, the stepper motor may stop if there is no operation within a certain period of time, so we have to operate it at set intervals. The other steps are always physical connections, and the machine can work in that case.

Question 1

What kind of machines would you be interested in building? Add a reflection about the use of actuators, the digital manipulation of art, and the creative process to your blog post.

I would like to build a machine that is connected wirelessly to my brain so that it can read my thought. It’s like a much more intelligent version of Siri, and as I give order to it, it can provide various services accordingly. It has a sensor that can sense the subtle brain activity of the user, and then transfer the biological signals into electrical signals. The electrical signals will be processed accordingly, and the screen made of LEDs will show the instruction which was read from the brain.

When the user put on the wearable equipment on his or her head, the machine will start working automatically. The signal form the brain might be subtle movement of some certain parts of the brain or the electrical signals in the nerves. Different combinations of the signals might mean different thoughts in the mind. As the machine itself has entered the information that what each combination means in advance, it can show the order on the LED board.

To create such a machine like that, the first part is to try to know what is happening inside the head with only the equipment outside the brain. Through a series of sensors such as the temperature sensor and the electricity current sensor, we can get the information from inside the head. Also, with the help of the 3D printer, the wearable equipment can be easily designed. It might look like an earphone. The whole digital transforming part can be designed in Arduino, python, and some other coding systems. 


Question 2:

Choose an art installation mentioned in the reading ART + Science NOW, Stephen Wilson (Kinetics chapter). Post your thoughts about it and make a comparison with the work you did during this recitation. How do you think that the artist selected those specific actuators for his project?

One of the project that I found interesting is the drumming and drawing subhuman, which is a computer-controlled robot. This robot imitates the movement of human drummers in a certain way and play music. I think it is really interesting that human beings were trying to manifest human behaviors onto different robots, and this opinion still works in recent days. Both this robot and the drawing machine imitate a certain function of human mind such as playing the music and drawing. However, the robot seems to be much more intelligent.

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