Interactive Comic Project-(Chen)

Name: Mehr Un Nisa Javed

Professor: Ann Chen

Date: 13th October ’2018

Partner: Amanda Williams

Objective: Make a comic project using the skills learnt in class.

Project Title: “Choose your Curry”

Project Link:

Idea: Amanda and I both wanted to present our cultures/best cuisine to the class. Also, we wanted to show how we come from different parts of the worlds but share commonalities.

Coding: I think coding was bit hard initially for me as I had to put in a lot of things together. However, after playing around with it and watching a few tutorials and class notes I was able to figure out most of the stuff. When the errors appeared on the code I usually copied them and put them on google and usually other people had already posted a solution to it so I was able to easily figure it out (thanks to my professors advice on this).

Link to a few pages I made:

(I wish I could’ve made a better use of these visuals)

Visual Assets: I worked on half of the visual assets and Amanda worked on the other half. I made use of photoshop and adobe illustrator to work out the visuals. Moreover, I made use of a few online websites to help me fix the resolution and for some effects. Overall, I spent a lot of time to figure out the right kind of visuals and to amend them in order to make best fit for the project.Also, it was my first time to work on such visuals so it did take a lot of time as I had to first learn how to make and then check if it worked.

PhotoShop: As the PhotoShop is not free so I had to be mostly in the AB to use school computers in order to complete my work.

How it was working with my partner? I think I really enjoyed working with her since, we both worked on the same pace and shared certain similarities. We both agreed to most of the things we wanted to do do specifically and respected each other’s ideas. However, I feel like at times its a bit difficulty to work with partners instead of working individually because sometimes a situation of panic does come and when you don’t get to meet everyday you can’t share your progress with your partner and then, it gets a bit difficult to figure out if we are on the same page or not.


Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project because it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about coding. I feel like after this project I will be more confident to code and make use of in class exercises. However, one thing about which I am still not confident is that by the end of the semester will I be able to go for a more ambitious project or we would start learning new things instead of adding on the previously learnt skills.

Future improvements:

  • Make something more interactive as my initial idea was to start with an hour glass or birds flying but the fellows recommended not to go for it as it would be too ambitious.
  • I would also want to do something like interactive cooking session where the users would get a chance for a hands on experience i.e. would get a chance to cut onions, put oil, peel tomatoes himself/herself.
  • More communication with my partner in terms of the project as I would definitely want to figure out first after the completion of the entire project that who would do the compilation of the work as it does lead to hassle.
  • Add more CSS and Java content to the code as it would lead to better flow of the story and would also, add to the users experience.
  • Next time, I would definitely want to do more work on the visuals of the projects as I saw tool with my previous roommate which helps to draw the comics (it looks pretty much fun)..




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