reading response to curator and artists

Here is my understanding of the reading:

  1. At the beginning it said that exhibition is the medium, and “exhibition seek to appear as beautiful, natural, true, and legitimate, while absenting the ideological forced behind it.”
  2. And “Exhibition design is a toll for curatorial practice”.
  3. There are two arguments about the roles of curator: one is that the role of curator is limited to its job description—“its administrative, managerial, and facilitatory aspects”, while another one argued that in this world of arts with all kind of forms and topics, the role of curator is important in “determining a conceptual framework”, and thus the processing of curating “open up a space where individual works of art gather new meaning and values by virtue of their regrouping for public consumption”.
  4. From here follows examples of curatorial models that can form their own praxis.
  5. Given the fact the curation is a  key component within the discourse of art, their are people who are unwilling to accept the provision by curator. For those who accept, it allow the creative curation processing to achieve the mediation of artistic values.


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