Week 7: Response to Theft and Artistry -Lynn Zhang (Madsen)

The article mainly talks about the phenomenon which is quite common in the music area, especially in pop music. I have never thought about that even the music can also be a worst-hit area of copying. Lots of famous singers are said to have copied others or have simply used African music as a silent background. For example, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” is said to have taken inspiration from Latin-American reggaeton. In that way, these kinds of songs should be criticized because they have ignored the copyrights and the respect of different cultures.

But I think the “cultural colonialism” is too strict. It’s not right to simply copy others’ work, but if the music is made not for the pure commercial interest, but for the global aim, it’s not that bad to copy others to make the music piece. For instance, it’s not bad to copy from different cultures to make a more global music to call on everyone to take actions to protect the world from the climate change. In that case, the music copied in order to make it sounds more inspiring. Thus, I think we should look at things dialectically.

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