Week6: Response to ”Theft And Artistry: Coldplay Beyoncé In India Spark Discussion On Appropriation”-Haoquan Wang (Chen)

This article mainly talks about that pop songs spark discussion on cultural appropriation. Actually we should view cultural appropriation critically. For positive aspect, cultural appropriation can do a great help to culture spread. “black musicians who played and sang on the album said they were happy with the collaboration in part because it had brought South African music to the global stage.” As the article says about “cultural colonialism”, a good appropriation can be a bridge that connect culture and the world.

But for the negative aspect, if the imitators are not so respectful to the culture, appropriation turns to bad copy or theft. It reminds me of Hip-Hop in China. Chinese Hip-Hop is immature. In business fields Hip-Hop is just a tool to make money but not a kind of culture. If we cannot be one hundred percent to respect and learn the culture, we will make a misunderstanding of the culture, in other words, it is disrespect.

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