Recitation#5-Winny Wang

Recitation 5: VisualCommRecitation

Date: 19 Oct 2018

Documented by: Winny Wang

Instructor: Marcela Godoy

This week we start to use 3D model and Illustrator to visualize our group project and design a poster. First of all, I used Tinkercad to make a 3D digital design, like this:

Later on, I followed the tutorial video and created three designs of this watch, in different colors, which will be used for prompting in the poster. To emphasize the future vibes 100 years from now, I chose a woman’s leg to be the model of these three watches, which is an unordinary symbol, showing the difference and revolutionary meaning. Afterwards, I drew two persons communicating with each other, using different color symboling their difference, with the watch in the middle showing the significance of it being a bridge between intercourses. Last but not the least, for the words in advertisement I chose 3D module, signaling the futurism. Below is the completed produce:

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