plants say NO. Museum.

Designer: Xiuai

Prof. Cici

Exhibition Next.

Title of museum: Plants say no.


Plants say no is an exhibition to show case of how plants are mistreated for human interests. In the fast pacing life, the biological existence of plant is being neglected. In the fast pacing life, we fail to take plants as another form of live companying us on earth, rather we use them for our utilities and excuse. And today, plants say no. They say no when we hang lights on them for decoration, for they have no time to rest at night; and they say no when we use them for our marketing excuse. Plants Say No aim to provide a space where people can see the story told by plants and interact with plants.


To take the public out of the trap of materialized perception of plants, that plants are used for human’s interests. Help people to regain the respect for the biological existence of plants, and thus to appreciate their nature aesthetic, and let the plants live in peace.

Museum Floor Plant:

The museum take the shape of a seed. In the middle of the seed there will be a pool with fresh water, and the water is for the plants in the exhibition. On the ceiling will constructed lights that is suitable for plants to live. The design of the museum is also aim at respecting the plants even when they are bing displayed as art project. Ticket free for students. for non-students the ticket is 100 Kuai.


Artist invited: Azuma Makoto. Born and raised in the countryside of Japan where nature was ubiquitous. Some of his work:


Azuma had exhibition to explore what became of plants when they lost their links to gravity and life in a foreign frontier. In the museum of Plant Say No, he could further share his art and research on plants’ reactions being used as a foreign being other than plant in fast pacing life.

Project so far:

night plant:

marketing plant:

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