Assignment 3: Using a 3D Printer – Ji Hwan Shin

For this assignment, I used the same design I had made on Rhino, refined the materials a bit and sent it through a few different 3D Printers as an STL file. Using the JGAurora, Marcela helped me set up on the CURA software to stop the printing process up to the sole of the sneaker so that I can make it multi-colored. However, mid-way through the printing process I realized that the sole of the sneaker was not printing properly and had strange shapes. I realized that it was because in my sketch, the objects were not joined together, causing the system to think that there were multiple layers.

I was able to fix this problem by joining the surfaces together on Rhino but here was still the issue with the 3D printer. Even though I set the printer to stop after the sole, it kept printing and didn’t follow the settings I inputted into the file. So Marcela helped me use a different printer and glued the two pieces together.


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