Final Project Documentation – Ji Hwan Shin

Cultural Preservation Through Digital Restoration

As I proposed earlier, I wanted to create something that takes artifacts from the past and restores it digitally using the techniques of digital restoration and hybrid reassemblage. I was really inspired by the works of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as well as photogrammetry and decided to create a replica of the Jadeite Cabbage to recapture the importance of craftsmanship, fertility, and auspiciousness jade carving had in the late Qing dynasty. First, I got an actual cabbage and took several pictures of it. I put those pictures through Agisoft then created a more realistic model by reducing polygons and building the mesh. Then, I patched up any holes and smoothed out the model even more on Meshlab and Meshmixer. I saved the model into an STL file to prepare it for 3D printing.

The printing process took about 5 hours and I got the model and placed it into an acrylic box I laser cut before the presentation. Overall, this was a very fulfilling project because I was able to learn a lot about using different machines and software to create a customized and innovative design. I just wish I had more time to perfect the model but given the time constraints I was pleased with what I was able to create and in the future I would like to do more with digital fabrication.


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