Digital Fab – Final Project (Emerald)

  • Process

During the proposal presentation I got a feedback that it may be better to change the base to a thing that user can hold, and I think it really makes sense. So I designed a hold for it and after I have the sketch, I started to build models in Rhino. The screwdriver should be divided into two parts, the spinning part and the hold. I made the hold top part hollow inside and also split it, so that I can put the spinning part inside.

Then I saved them as .STL file and send them to 3d-printer. After they are printed I noticed a thing, that the round-corners were not printed successfully. In order not to print the whole thing again (which takes a long time), I designed such two things to hold the handles.


I assembled all these things and used hot glue to strengthen the joints. I also take down the pointed part on a real screwdriver and glued it into the hole I made on the spinning part.

But now it is hard to let this screwdriver stand on the table. So finally I used the website “makercase”, and it gave me such a sketch according to the conditions I typed in. Then I added the circle on one of the sides to make a hole which can hold the screwdriver.

The whole thing looks like this:


  • Difficulties
  1. The quality of 3d printing is much lower than my expectation, so the things printed were not fit with each other. I had to try very hard to use emery paper to polish them.
  2. Next time I have to spend more time on modeling, because it is really important to take support into consideration. Some part I need it to be hollow, but at the same time hard to be printed without support. For this project I printed with support, and then I used tweezers, pliers, electric drill, etc, nearly everything to take off those supports. Really terrible.

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