DSFA: Myself


These are my representations of physical and mental sensations that I have felt throughout my life. These sensations are what define who I am and how I interact with the world around me.

After Pop-Up Me, I was not very satisfied with my model because some parts of my face did not really look like me. Thus, I decided to fix my model and mainly modified my nose, my eyes, and my jaws. Once I fixed these parts of my model, I continued by 3D modeling my hair, which I am pretty satisfied with. This is the updated model for of myself for Assignment 2.


For the realistic model of myself, I used Photoshop to create the 3D texture of my face. Although you can see that the part of my neck is not smooth, instead of projecting this part onto my 3D model, I painted it. Thus, this was not an issue. I had to retake my mugshot photos to create this because I realized that my original photos were not good enough for this task because of the light differences.

Marina Me

Marina, in Spanish, fundamentally means water, ocean, and anything that has to do with the sea. When I think of the ocean, I see that it is both beautifully smooth and terribly powerful. This I how I feel sometimes. Thus, I choose a picture of the sea underwater in order to express this.


Skin Me

Sometimes I feel like the skin is a limit and a barrier between be and the world. This is not a bad thing since skin protects our body, but I see it as a border that prevents me from communicating better with the world. Thus, in this model I want to represent my skin as a capsule and a shell.


Overwhelmed Me

I overthink too much sometimes, and in these occasions I feel like my brain takes up so much energy that it actually physically enlarges. Hence, this is how I feel when I am overwhelmed with too many thoughts.


Invisible Me

The texture for this model represents the invisible me. However, as you can see, in contrast with most all of the models that do not have my face’s texture projected onto them, in this model I left my realistic eyes. The reason for this is that although I feel invisible sometimes, I never feel like I stop observing my surroundings.


Mute Me

I am the type of person who would rather not say anything instead of hurting someone with things that I say. Thus, this represents how I feel when I do not want to hurt someone with my words.


Off Mode Me

There are times where I have seen myself in uncomfortable situations where I learned to shut down my senses (in a metaphorical way of course) in order to prevent emotional distress.

Blocked Me

There are many moments in my life where I feel like a lot of emotion is trapped in my throat.  And often times, I feel like this prevents me from verbally communicating well with the world.

Divided Me

This model is about the physical division that I sometimes feel between the right side and the left side of my body.

Opposites Me

I often feel like there is an internal conflict inside me, where the two different sides cannot come to an agreement. This is how I see this represented.


Meditative Me

I try to meditative as much as I can, and sort of as if for those minutes where I meditate I was in a different dimension. For me, this image makes me feel like it is expanding to the horizon, and this is what I feel when I meditate.


Energy Me

I am energy. We all are. Therefore, I thought that it is crucial to have a version of my that represents that energy, and I think the best thing that represents energy is the sun. Hence, the texture for this model is a picture of the sun.


Transcendental Me

The texture for this model is a painting by Alex Grey. Most, if not all of Grey’s work is about transcendentalism. I am a person who thinks a lot about my purpose in life, not so much at a productive level but at a spiritual one. Thus, this model represents the transcendental me.


Animal Me

Above all, I am an animal, and this is the most important thing to remember. I often times forget that my body has limits and that as a living being, my health is a crucial aspect of my life. To make this model,  used a monkey’s picture and projected it onto my model. Then, I decided to to sculpt around the figure to make it look like fur in order to better represent the animal me.


Realistic Me

This is the closest I have been able to get to a realistic version of my. I think it is a bit accurate, but I will continue to improve it further.


Here is a link to my ppt.

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