Digital Fabrication: Laser Cutting: bh1525

Brian Ho – Bh1525


Use Adobe Illustrator to design an .ai file can be laser cut or engraved etc, get practice with the different tools in the fabrication lab.


When it comes to creating physical things I’m not very creative, I’m not actually very good with my hands in general actually, I prefer to do everything in the digital realm. I decided to try to make two different things with the laser cutter, two different engravings with different materials and with different purposes.

1: Rubber Stamp : Portrait

This would be my first foray into using the laser cutter and I wasn’t particularly confident in my design skills so I decided to cheat a little bit, just a little bit, ok maybe a lot a bit and I transformed a photograph that I taken into a very simple illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I limited the colors and removed the details so that the laser cutter would have an easier time engraving. Below is the original image and after that is the rubber stamp that I engraved.

2: Acrylic: Business Card? Name Template? 

This was a more functional design for an acrylic name card as for the longest time I haven’t had any form of business card etc. I wanted¬†try and use some of my new 3D Fabrication skills in order to create something I might be able to use in real life, or at least a prototype. I created the .ai file from combining different geometric shapes and my signature. Laser cutting this actually failed several times as I ran into many issues with the outline not being large enough and the printer not actually cutting through the acrylic all the way. I also struggled with making sure everything in the .ai file was actually black and not also partly grey as my original version included a sort of gradient.

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