Week 11: Video Project Documentation- Theresa Lin (Chen)


Partners: Amanda and Daniil


Initially, our idea was to base our story off of Chef Boyardee’s commercial of the rolling can.


Instead of a more family based plot we were going to make ours romance themed. For the interactivity the user would be able to choose the route the can would take to follow the character home. When we first started shooting, the scenes without the can was fine. However, when we started filming the can scenes we realized that it was extremely difficult to roll a bottle/can on the ground in a straight line.

We decided to scrap the plot and come up with something more simple and less complex but still stick to a rolling can/bottle. The new story line is more ironic and humorous. It’s about three food products (a protein powder, yogurt, and Lay’s chips) that escaped Family Mart because they didn’t want to be eaten. In the end, when all three have escaped they get eaten by a random passerby.


On the website when the user clicks, a introduction video plays. It’s set up so that it seems like the three products have gone missing and the user has to then interact with the website to find out what happens. The explanation for why the products went missing from Family Mart will be at the end, after the user has clicked all the milk cartons. In the last video we were inspired by the Annoying Orange to make the products talk to each other.


Despite the communication problems, I’m glad we were able to overcome them as a group and work together to come up with something new. I helped out with planning some of the scene shots, acting, as well as finding people to help act for some of the scenes.


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