Week 11: Response to “Computers, Pencils and Brushes”- Theresa Lin (Chen)

In “Computers, Pencils and Brushes” by Paul Rand, he says that a computer is merely a tool of design, however, it shouldn’t become the design. Rand claims that computers “may also deprive students of the drawing skills that develop only after hours and hours of practice, pencil or pen to paper.” He also says that computer is just a technology and although it can feel ‘new,’ essentially it’s just another way to convey one’s designs. I think his main argument is that computer art and art by traditional means (drawing by hand) should have a clear line of distinction and that computers should not replace this traditional experience. Personally, I think not everyone has to follow traditional means of art in order to be able to design. Because of computers, there are many more options and techniques to art such as digital drawing, graphic design, and Photoshop. The computer, like pencils and brushes can be a tool of design if the user deems it so. It isn’t the only source of art medium, but it is one of many, and it all depends on the artist on how they choose to use it.

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