RAPS: Live Cinema – Reflection

The first difference I recognized between VJing and live cinema is the importance that is given to the visuals. In VJing, the visuals become part of the background for a DJ performance in a club scene, giving very little importance to the VJ’s work. However, in live cinema, the main point of attention is the visual work, as it is performed in a more professional setting where the focus is the visual artist. Live cinema also has a greater sense of storytelling or concept which VJ generally lacks. Another difference which I found interesting is “the two-way, instantaneous feedback between the creator and the public” (83) as it is mentioned in the reading. Furthermore, another difference discussed is that VJ has more commercial purposes compared to live cinema’s artistic approach.
Live audiovisual performance is a combination of sound and image that is improvised. It’s style is not limited and concrete and as the author says, the term refers to “a generic umbrella that extends to al manner of audiovisual performative expressions” among which you can find VJing and live cinema.

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