Week 12: Response to “A History of Internet Art”- Theresa Lin (Chen)

In “Web Work: A History of Internet Art” by Rachel Greene, she explains the history of how net art came to be. Between 1994 and 1998 net artists used the internet as a platform to discuss art-world institutions within a community. In the early years, net art was used for political purposes in Eastern Europe. There were other artists who used the web as another medium for design. Other net.artists used the internet to make playful projects as well as serious ones that brought awareness to topics such as feminism.

Thinking about internet art in terms of the traditional physical art that we’re used to still feels new to me. Personally I don’t really think of the internet as a tool of art but after reading this article I think it’s a really powerful medium that can be used to convey information or an idea effectively and at the same time, can quickly reach a wider audience.

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