Recitation 10: Media Controller (Ding Wang)

  • Name: Ding Wang
  • Professor: Young&Eric

Recitation Project

This is the last recitation for us to make the project ourselves. And we were required to use Arduino values controlling the Media in Processing. I think this is a project we need to use all of our knowledge which we have learned this semester including building the Arduino circuit, drawing media in the processing and sending values between Arduino and Processing.

So this time I used the web camera as the media part in Arduino and used two distance sensors as a valve controller. By changing the distance, the media on the screen will show different patterns. One sensor is to control the ellipse drawing on the screen. Based on the distance, the size of these ellipses is different. Another sensor is used to control the rectangle. When the distance is shorter than a certain value, the rectangle will appear.

But one problem I found in this process is that the ultrasonic ranger is not sensitive enough because of its principle. So my partner and I also change the ultrasonic ranger into the infrared distance sensors.



After reading the Computer Vision for Artist and Designers, firstly I realized that by using computer and computer programing, our work becomes more convenient and can help the artists achieve the artificial effect they want. But in my understanding, the computers are just a tool and the central part for an artist work is still the artificial thinking.

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