Media Controller

Date: 6 December 2018

Instructor: Eric&Young

Goal: To create a Processing sketch that controls media (images or video) by manipulating that media’s attributes using a physical controller made with Arduino.

Using two potentiometers, we altered an image in Processing with the input on Arduino. I chose an image of a cat that I found through one of the provided links and used the Pixel function in Processing to change it. The potentiometer was used to increase or decrease the pixel function and in turn increase or decrease the quality of the image.

With the requestImage function, I loaded the image below into the sketch and changed it with Arduino.



I found the reading interesting as it included many examples of the different ways human interaction with computers and systems can be expressed. Some of these examples were useful in gaining ideas on how to improve our final project. Though our project is more of a game and less full-body interaction, we were still able to realize the importance of interaction with the project itself if we want to make a successful design.

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