IMD: Remarkable Architects

Remarkable Architects


Partners: Kefan Xu and Ellen Yang

In this project we created a motion design sequence where we presented three remarkable architects from The Pritzker Architecture Prize. Kefan did I.M. Pei, Ellen did Wang Shu, and I did RCR Arquitectes. We each presented two of their architectural works. We decided to follow Kefan’s design proposal, which consists of simple black and white images along side with black lines following the shape of the architectures. He got this inspiration this apple commercial:

For the typefont, I proposed using Big Caslon ad we all agreed to use it, as it is very elegant and suits our overall design. Here is the specimen for Big Caslon:

The work loads were divided based on preferences. Kefan created the title sequence, I created the end credits, and Ellen composed everything together.

For my sequence of architects, I chose RCR Arquitectes. RCR Arquitectes is a colective from Spain and they have designed building in many parts of Europe. For this piece, I chose their Bell-Lloc Winery, in Spain, and the Soulages Museum, in France.


This project was done in After Effects. In my sequence, I used fade in/out, the enlargement of the components of each frame, the black lines, revealing the images slowly, and the letters in the background to make the transitions and the overall sequence very smooth and elegant. The letters in the background were chosen based on the shape of the buildings and on their name. Thus, for instance, for the Soulages Museum, I chose the “S” for “Soulages” and aligned it with a structure in the middle of the image. ou can see this in the images shown below:

For the end credits I decided to keep the simple style of just black lines to support the text. Here are some images of the end credits:



Here are both my sequence of RCR Arquitectes and the end credits for our project:

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