Week 8: Processing Basics

The image I chose was a pumpkin sculpture by Yayoi Kusama. Her pumpkin sculptures are iconic pieces that show central themes that continuously crop up in her later work. Something that I really enjoy about her work is the excessive use of circles and curved objects like the pumpkin. I think that round objects and curved lines are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflect the fluidity of nature.

I wanted to create something utilized a similar concept of repetition using circles but also match the reality nature with the fluidity. That is why I chose to have smaller white circles occur at random throughout the image. The colorful bullseye follows another Kusama practice in that it employs bright, cohesive colors. Each color is generated at random but only within the range I set. Due to this each color falls within an organized pallette. In comparison to this ordered mess, the white circles all share the same shape and size but are generated to appear in a random location.

Something I liked working with is the random function as you can already tell by my generous use of it. It is interesting how artists can create a grounding principle within the code to create a piece but by using the random function each iteration is its own unique work. It makes me question whether each piece is genuinely unique or if there is no such thing given the code’s parameters.

In some way my piece is similar to Kusama’s due to the repetitive use of circles; however, it splinters off as the meticulous planning that is apparent in Kusama’s piece is completely absent. I think that it may ring more similar to Kusama’s other piece, The Obliteration Room, due to this element.

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