Nature of Code: Week 1 assignment–Moon(Candy)

Documented by: Candy Bi

Project name: Drawing Board

Professor: Moon

Date: 2/19/2019

final(video version)

For this assignment, I started without an idea of what I want to do, rather I choose to experiment to see what I could get.

I start with a red background with some moving rectangles. I make the background transparent so that the three reactangles could leave trails.

I then draw a white ellipse that would move according to mouse:


For some improvments I use the “mouseIsPressed” to create the effect that only when user clicked there would be the white circle:


I suddenly came up with the idea to make th white circle a bouncing ball that would bounce whenever it touches the three rectangles. It turned out a failure.

I then shift to the idea of playing around with lines and this is what I got:


For better visual effect, I made the other side of the lines ramdom in a certain range ( inside the big rectangle the three black moving rectangles formed). It somehow gives the feeling of modern arts:


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