TapTo – A New Way to Interact with Friends

What I proposed is a mobile phone App which can build an indirect and gentle way of interaction between friends as a way to solve social anxiety.

It focuses on the problem that young people are becoming more and more sensitive with their relationship. They want to avoid useless interaction and are afraid to join conversation with strangers. This App aims to provide a new way for young generations to interact with their social network. The core function of this app is to send vibration to friends near you via their phone. To encourage a face-to-face conversation, this app doesn’t have a text function. The user interface is designed to simple but allows users to go deep into different functions.

This storyboard describes one of the using scenarios:

One day you are walking in the campus while you see one of your friends is talking happily with a stranger. You definitely want to say hi to your friends but afraid to be awkward to join their conversation. So you pick up your phone and open the TapTo. On the screen you can see the icon which represent your friend and you just tap it to send a vibration to your friend. Your friend notices the vibration and picks up his phone to check out. Then he notices it’s you that send his this vibration and you are there, just near to him. So he reaches to you and talks to you, leave the stranger aside.

I consider this App a way to achieve a new form of interaction between young people. Other new function may be added to it in the later research.


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