UX DESIGN/ 3d Cake Lab

Class: User Experience Design

Instructor: Azure Qian

Documented by: Amber Wang

Given the fact that 3D printing technology has become a huge hit in nowadays world and the implementation of 3D tech in food industry has achieved unprecedented development, the idea I have in mind is to open a 3D cake design bakery that allows customers to customize their cakes using 3D modeling apps on mobile phones and tablets. The bakery allows online ordering as well as in-store interactive experiences. One major form would be a 3D modeling App that is very user-friendly. The interface would be similar to Tinkercad website. The users could simply use their fingers to drag the basic 3D objects (cubes, balls, characters, texts ,etc.) to the working surface (the 3D cake model), scale them and change different colors and shapes. They could also use these basic shapes to design their own characters. The bakery would have an interactive open space for customers to actually see their cakes being printed from the 3D printers. There would also be an interactive projected screen for customers to upload their own designs and vote for the best design.

Please see the following demo of the 3D food printing technology:

The idea board for the project is as follows:

The concept story board:

It was a beautiful weekend afternoon. Three best friends Amy, Lisa and Catherine were walking aimlessly on the street. Since they were the coolest girls at school, they decided to go to some really cool place to spend their afternoon. Somewhere they could take very attractive pictures and post on Instagram.

Lisa recently heard that a new bakery opened nearby. They decided to give it a try. “3D Cake Lab…?” There were no waiters to serve them. Rather they had a big iPad in front of them.

On the interface, there were all different 3D shapes on the right side of the screen. Catherine dragged one ball and two pyramids to create a shape of cat. Lisa and Amy also joined the design. They changed the color of the cake to pink and typed “Happy Day” on the surface of the cake. After pressing the “submit” button, they received their order number. They were then directed to a 3D printing machine. They couldn’t believe their eyes. What they have designed in the App was actually being printed out as a real cake!!!!!!

They brought their cute cake back to the table. They celebrated their friendship. They took a picture of the cake a selfie, and then posted them on the Instagram. In just 30 minutes, they have received 123456789 likes! What an amazing day!

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