UX Design | Idea Board + Storyboard | Se)( App (Forum)

Class: User Experience Design

Creator: Yang Gao

Project Name: Se)( App (Forum)

Project Idea Board: 

The lack of sex education in China has led to many serious health issues and social problems. So for my UX Design project, I want to create a sex education app (forum) for children, teenagers and their parents in China. The goal of this app is fun, interactive and easy accepted, given people’s acceptability of sex education. Also, I don’t want the users to feel that they are taking a course using this app (forum), but  ‘learning’ while play.

When login into this app, the user can choose their age range and the app will generate the appropriate content. The content is divided in few parts for users to get the information, like comic books, animation/cartoon, interactive games(in terms of what kind of games, I’ll take Swift Playgrounds App, a game that you can learn coding while adjust/play the character, as a reference), interactive stories, speeches (TED, TEDx…), TV shows, volunteer community, etc.



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