Dear Data Shanghai–Ann(Candy)

This is a map that I made to note down my feelings in different weather in Shanghai during the last week. It provided information of how strong the wind is and how is the weather and also my feelings. My inspiration comes from the complaints about the rainy days I heard in the past week(It really rains a lot).

To directly present myself, I drew 7 little characters, representing myself in the seven days. They all have similar outfit for this is not my focus. The weather is straight forward: with five days raining , one day with clouds and one day in the sun. The wind on the other hand is shown through the character’s hair and the angle of the umbrella she is holding. I made the umbrella yellow so that the map looks better. It seldom keeps rainy for so long time in Februry in Shanghai. For me I do not feel so comfortable when it rains since my shoes would get wet and it would be sultry even indoor. I drew some black dots ahead of the 5 characters in the rain to express my resigned feelings, and of course the dots keeping accumulating. On the last two days on my map which sun starts to come out. There grows a little plant on the head of the girl to represent her happiness. It feel like a cute and efficient way to map my feeling in this way.

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