UX Design Documentation- Project Idea + Story Board: 3D Cake Lab

Project Idea:

Our project idea revolves around a cafe that specializes in custom 3D printing designs on cake. Paired up with a mobile app and website, customers will be able to choose any design they want to be 3D printed on a cake they ordered. They will also be able to watch the process of the machine printing the design on the cake. These customizable designs could be great for any occasion- anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays. Customers can also place the order online or through the app and get the cake delivered. With the cafe, it will attract younger customers who are looking for something more than your average cafe and have something unique to take a picture of to post on social media like Instagram.

Story Board:

A group of friends are hanging out and they’re thinking about what they should do.


Then they see the 3D Cake Lab which stands out from all the other cafes.

They’re surprised that you can design the cake from an app.


They watch the design being 3D printed onto the cake.

They are happy with the results and take a picture to post onto their social media. They receive lots of likes and comments on their Instagram post and are happy.


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