UX Design: Guidio Documentation

Originally, my (Callum) intended idea was an electronic music service that links Chinese fans and international artists together by managing the artist’s social platforms in China. You can find my story below; however, I soon realized this would be a hard project to do as there is no defined product since it is a service. Furthermore, my partner Cat didn’t love the idea; however, she wasn’t that invested in her idea either which was an app that brings female travelers of the world together to share their personal tips, experiences, and suggestions in one place…. So given that we decided to think of something new which lead to the greatest invention of the 21st century…….  GUIDIO


This is our map for our new app, Guidio


Guidio is an interactive and entertaining personal audio guide that caters to your preferences through computer learning. Our target demographic is millennials who love to travel, but simply don’t have the budget to afford the luxury amenities like a personal guide or tour group. Our app offers not only a personalized go at your own pace service, but it allows the user to dive into deeper topics they are interested in, while at the same time skipping over those that they may not care about because lets face it tour groups are flawed. You’re shoved into a big group, have limited time at each site, and half the time hearing information that goes in one ear and out the other… That’s not how traveling should be.

Below you will find how we produced our story board.

Cat and I meeting up to discuss our project (:

Building the story board

The Final Storyboard, Additionally, you can find the play by play below

We’re super excited to bring this project to life and cant wait to keep working on it!


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