Cal and Cat User Flow + App Redesign

For today’s class, we had two exciting tasks.

The first was to create a user flow map for how our app would work or atleast the basic functions of it. We kept it fairly simple given our idea is still in prototype; however, this encompasses alot of it. It took a little of reiterations but we finally got there.

Originally, I tried to write the User flow on a paper; however, it was extremely difficult given my poor handwriting skills.

As you can see the above is barely better than chicken scratch. Anyways, here is our final version. The rounded square boxes are tasks/actions, squares are pages, and triangles are decisions.  



Our two 8 square projects depicting the problems people may of had.


On the other hand, we also had the opportunity to reorganize the PopOn app which was actually very exciting. Overall, the App is a complete mess and has way too much going on and we believe our after picture solves those.

Before: (Oh Lord, even looking at this gives me a headache… WHAT’S GOING ON?)



A Brief Blurb about what we did…

We thought that many of the features were redundant, which was confusing, so we narrowed the 5 main categories to 4: the globe, your clan, videos, and account (we moved the “training” feature to your personal account).

The globle feature is used to find new tutors and matches, have calls, etc. The clan section is like your timeline: you can see who you’re following/who’s following you, message them, comment/like/tweet at them or on their posts, etc. The video section is where you can explore and discover new friends, see worldwide popular videos or videos recommended to you, and also see the livestreams. The account section is all your own personal information. You can track your own personal training (see how long you’ve spent learning, etc etc) and see your chats with tutors.

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