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Design Idea

After research, I found it is important for the users to choose their age range in order to unlock the content that fits their age range. I listed the user in 2 different parts, children under 18 years old and parents. Parents have access to every part of the app. For the children part, I divided the content into 3 different parts: preschool (3-6 years old), primary school age (6-12), adolescence (12-18 years old). According to the research and interview, different age of children have different ways of accepting knowledge.

User Research







“I will give my young daughter sex education in a metaphor way, like dad planted a seed in mom’s body, etc.”

“If there’s some parent-kid interactive play/offline classroom, I would like to go there first by myself to filter the activities.”

“The age classification is very essential.”

“I think prepositive sex education is necessary. I gave my son the sex education when he was very young, like 2-3 years old in a non-metaphor way. So when he gets older, he knows about sex, and will not try to find everywhere about sex education, because he knows it when he was very young.”

“I bought many comic books for my young daughter and son.”

“When I was pregnant with the younger brother, I tell my young daughter everything about pregnancy and having a baby. She thinks it is magical and I think showing her in the most direct way is very good sex education.”

“The idea is very meaningful because as a mother myself, I couldn’t find appropriate textbooks on the market for parents to give right sex education for the kids.”



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